Pedersen-on-tour DOVER-DURSLEY September 2013 (english)

[!!! There are possibly places available (if someone is prevented in the short term)! - Update 24.06.2013]

Dear participants and friends of the Pedersen Tour from Dover to Dursley in September 2013.
In March 1973, the Southern Veteran Cycle Club (VCC today) arranged a 2-day tour from London to Dursley. The participants of the 1993 Pedersen-Pilgrimage were not is such a hurry, they covered the distance from Sherness to Dursley placidly in 10 days. On 12th to 22nd September 2013 we would like to follow in those trackes, starting from Dover: the tour follows the old route through Tenterden, Uckfield, Midhurst, Winchester, Sallisbury (Stonehenge) and Melksham to Dursley and Gloucester.
At night we're going to stay at good rural inns and hotels, just like in 1993, and in Dursley most likely at B&Bs. There's also going to be a support vehicle to transport the luggage - the many hills of South England and the Cotswolds will be climbed a bit more comfortable like this.
For English people, taking part for a day's tour is possible and most welcome :-)
This is the schedule:
12. September 2013
10 a.m.: We meet at Michael Kemper's place in Erkelenz and load the bikes into the support vehicle with trailer. Together, we drive to Dunkirk, and 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. we cross from Dunkirk to Dover. (You're welcome to organize your own journey to Dunkirk or Dover, if you prefer)
13.-19.September 2013
Bicycle tour to Dursley on mostly quiet country roads.
13.09.2013 Dover-Tenterden
14.09.2013 Tenterden-Uckfield
15.09.2013 Uckfield-Midhurst
16.09.2013 Midhurst-Winchester
17.09.2013 Winchester-Salisbury
18.09.2013 Salisbury-Melksham
19.09.2013 Melksham-Dursley
20.-21.September 2013
Stay at Dursley and Gloucester: We meet the mayor and councillors of Dursley and Pedersen-cyclists from England, and take a walk in Dursley with David Evans, author of the Pedersen-book. We visit Stinchcombe-Hill, Lister-Factory, Raglan-House, Cemetary etc.. as well as Folk-Museum, Docks and Cathedral in Gloucester...
22.September 2013
Return from Gloucester to Dover with public transport, the support vehicle will be used to transport the bicycles. Arrival at Erkelenz is planned for about 10p.m.
The costs for this eventful tour are at about 1300 € per person, with accommodation in double rooms, for single room accommodation there's an extra cost of about 350 €. This sum includes the passage to Dover, the accommodation with breakfast and dinner, the entry fees for Stonehenge, Folk-museum and St. Peter's Cathedral in Gloucester, the trip back to Dover and the support vehicle service, but not the drinks and daily lunch.
You'll need to register until 14th June 2013 at the latest, including a first payment of 200 €, the remainder will be due until 12th August 2013. There is no refund of the first payment if you don't take part, and the number of participants is limited to 14 people due to the transport capacity for the bicycles.
In the week after 14th June I'm going to travel to England to finalize planning and check the hotels and the route. The cost might increase a little (no more than 10%) if unforeseen circumstances arise. The participation fee is calculated only to balance the costs, I am not aiming to make any profit here.
The following information I will need for the registration:
- How do you travel to Erkelenz, by car or with public transport?
- Can your car be used in the drive from Erkelenz to Dunkirk and back? How many people could you take?
- Do you wish a single room or are you ok to sleep in a double room with another participant? (in England, accomodation cost is usually calculated per room, so single room accomodation is quite a bit more expensive)
- Are you a vegetarian, do you smoke or do you snore badly?
- Which model of Pedersen do you have (manufacturer, wheel size, size, gear shift, brakes)?
- What is your body height and T-Shirt size?
If there are any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time by phone or email.
I'm looking forward to travelling with you!

Best regards,
Thomas Leißle